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Not only will you enjoy the excitement of a day of fishing aboard Reel Pursuit but you will also cruise your way through one of the oldest and most historic harbors in the United States.

Leaving the dock you will see the USS Constitution which is the oldest commissioned war ship in the U.S. Navy. Along side Old Ironsides is the USS Cassin Young a World War II destroyer escort with her many battle decorations proudly displayed.

Further down the harbor as you move toward the fishing grounds you will pass the First District Coast Guard Base where Homeland Security and all of the fine members of the U.S.Coast Guard provide harbor and airport security not to mention rescue missions for those finding themselves in trouble in the waters around New England. Further down the harbor you will see forts, parks and islands each of which has a story.

A few hours or a day of fishing aboard Reel Pursuit is as simple as packing a lunch and setting the alarm we do all the rest. We supply all bait rods and reels. From ultra light up to 130 all setup to please any angler.

Stripped Bass, Blues, Tuna and Shark are the typical quarry and from time to time there may be a Sand Shark, Flounder, Lobster or even a pesky seagull chasing bait. The shark, lobster and gull all have to be returned to the sea and air but the rest are kept for dinner or returned to the sea as you wish.

There are limits to catch and we will make sure that you do not exceed those limits.

Come and join us for an adventure you are sure to relive for many years.

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