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New Regulations Limit Boston Fishermen

New regulations limit Boston fishermenIt’s tough being a fisherman and trying to make a living. It’s tough out there for all of us, no matter what field we’re in. The NOAA has made it worse for Northeast fishermen, especially New England anglers…



New regulations limit Boston fishermen

Due to new regulations being put into place by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, local Boston fishermen are worried they will no longer be able to make a living catching fish. Last month, the NOAA lowered the catch limits for several types of fish in the entire Northeast region. In fact, the limits for some fish have been altered so greatly that some anglers say they will only be able to catch about 1/5 of previous amounts.

Despite these new limitations, some people are fighting back, including State Attorney General Martha Coakley. In order to stop the laws put into place by the NOAA, Coakley is developing a comprehensive lawsuit. Her argument is that the NOAA failed to take into account the widespread economic impact that these limitations will create. She is fighting for not only the local fishermen, but also for the entire community. Several state representatives, including U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, have joined her.

Besides the economic impact, Coakley also says that the NOAA didn’t use the correct science when determining their new limits. Although the NOAA obviously disagrees, she says that the limitations can be much less strict while achieving the same results. NOAA’s regional director John Bullard claims that the policies are meant to reverse the effects of overfishing. He argues that the levels of certain fish are the lowest they’ve ever been, and that these new laws will help to increase the stock.

What do you think about these new regulations? Whether or not they are overturned, Boston is still a terrific place to go fishing. For more information about local fishing charters, contact Reel Pursuit Charters to book your trip!


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