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The First Boston Fishing Video

Some scenes from the past. I hope you enjoy them.

Fish Stories of Boston

Okay, the 2010 season is just getting underway.  We are hoping for a great fishing season.  Last year we got off to a slow start with the weather but we are ready this season.  I’d like to welcome you to the updated Boston Fishing web site.  We promise to have updates of fishing trips, more Fish Fotos and all the happenings linked to our Facebook and Linked in pages.

If you need to book a trip, we have also updated the site so we can take payments via Paypal, so if you need to make that reservation for you, the family or some ‘get out of the office’ event, sign up now and lock in that trip.

The photo below was taken toward the end of the season last year so the tuna are still running (and there are more photos of this fish on the Fish Foto’s page).

Also, feel free to make some comments on the new site or if you have questions and don’t forget…

…for the best fishing in Boston Harbor call Captain Paul @ 617-922- FISH (3474) and book your trip now!

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  • Station 44013 - BOSTON 16 NM East of Boston, MA July 24, 2014
    July 24, 2014 7:50 am EDT Location: 42.346N 70.651W Wind Direction: NW (320°) Wind Speed: 5.8 knots Wind Gust: 5.8 knots Significant Wave Height: 1.3 ft Dominant Wave Period: 7 sec Average Period: 5.4 sec Mean Wave Direction: E (85°) Atmospheric Pressure: 29.78 in (1008.6 mb) Pressure Tendency: +0.03 in (+0.9 mb) Air Temperature: 65.5°F (18.6°C) Dew Point: 6